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Zanjan 1 combined cycle power plant

Power Plant

According to the daily increasing necessity of electricity energy in country and referring to the respectable government resolutions on development of power plants in private sector with the purpose of job creation, after surveying & possibility evaluation, it was founded an appropriate option to investment & construction of power plant in Zanjan & Ghazvin provinces.

With due regard to article 44 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran & supporting the activities and cooperative of private sector in construction of power plant & supplying of local requirement electricity power, the ability of Power Control Engineering Co. is surveyed & confirmed by private applicant assessment committee in Power Ministry and Iran Power Development Company.

Building permits


Zanjan .1 500 MW Combine cycle Power Plant

Further to Article No. 44 of the Amended Rules by the Power Ministry, this company has evaluated by the Electronic Development Organization in 2007 and its capability to establish 1000 MW Power Plant has confirmed.
This company has rendered Engineering study for establishing 4 power plants in Zanjan after governmental confirmation as follows:
1- Feasibility Study of the Project
2- Network and joining to the power network’s study
3- Choosing the base for establishing the power plant
4- Purchasing the determined land
5- Obtaining Environmental License
6- Obtaining water and electricity licenses during construction and running
7- Leveraging the land and building walls
8- Arranging ECA Agreement (Energy Converting Agreement) or Guarantee Electronic Purchase agreement and signing them
9- Obtaining blocked currency from Central Bank for Zanjan Power Plant Project
10- Filing in Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran
11- Choosing Operating bank for project operation and cooperation with Mellat and Mine and Industry banks
12- Choosing main contractor (Chinese company CNEEC) after some negotiations with various Chinese companies and signing EPC&F Agreement
13- Negotiations with MAPNA Co for Gas Equipment of the power plant
14- Study of access ways to the power plant
15- Geological study of the base and topography of the whole site

• The project is waiting to open LC by the Mellat and Mine and Industry‘s union
• CNEEC experts by the aid of Shanghai Institution are designing the engineering part of the project.

. The goal of the Project:
The goal of the project is the construction of a combined cycle power plant with BOO (Construction, ownership and operation) in the city of Zanjan nominal capacity of 448 MW. The operation of the plant, 365 days a year and will be done in three shifts.
Cases under the construction of the plant Combined Cycle Power Company of Zanjan, Zanjan 1 to State of the Are:
1. Help meet the province’s electricity requirements Of under Management Company Electric Power Regional and Provinces Adjacent.
2. Production Power Sure To Expenditure Industrial And Other Expenditure With the Attention To the Programs The development Country
3. Reduction Risk From Of the Effects Inappropriate In the Effect Occurrence Black POSSIBLE
4. Direct and indirect employment for the local population and socio-economic benefits of construction Power stations To the As Of the dice One Single The industry And economic and commercial
Some of the items mentioned above and economic power plant is the next major decision, but what is the main goal of the project mentioned, in an Electricity for is the.
Location Construction 500-megawatt power plant Cycle Synthetic Branch 1, Zanjan-Tabriz highway at 75 km (south side of the road) before crossing the road at a distance of less than two kilometers Sarcham Wiki (air gap) is located above the village Chovrovk. Figure 9 shows a map of land plants.
Fase1 consists of a gas turbine power plant with a capacity of 304 megawatts (class -F of Ansaldo STS (Siemens)) and a heater with a capacity of 144 MW. Practical plant capacity utilization by the terms of location, including temperature, relative humidity, altitude site and environment. Average ambient temperature of 15 ° C, relative humidity annual 53.9% and site altitude 1195 meters.
Pursuant to Information received from the company’s investor practical capacity of the plant 407.2 would MW. With regard to the production plant at all times and in consideration of factors related to aging and the availability of power, pure power practical capacity (energy production plants) in the first year is equal to 3,264,004 MWh.

Preparing the ground and walls








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Electrification project contract